Fans the innocent party in Coventry saga

sixfieldsI’m not going to pretend to know all the ins and outs of the latest twist in the Coventry City debacle but instead want to take a step back and look at things from the most important perspective of all – the supporters.

Going back to the start, I put myself in the shoes of Coventry supporters asked to make a 70 mile round trip to every ‘home’ game. The argument from some is that it’s ‘not that far’ and that it’s a lot closer than most away games. To me, though, this whole thing is nothing to do with travel…it’s about Coventry City supporters having to sit in a stadium that’s not their own and it’s about them having to look at the fixtures list and rather than picturing potentially defining historic moments in their history as taking place in their city and home instead seeing them being played out at someone else’s house. How would I feel if the Cobblers were forced to move to, for example, Luton Town, for a minimum term of three years? My answer…I would fight tooth and nail for justice and for my team to stay in their own town even if it meant playing at Northampton Spencer or Fernie Fields!

So I can completely understand where the majority of City fans are coming from in terms of their anger and their battles to keep their club where it belongs. What I’m struggling with is the amount of blame and hatred being levelled at the Cobblers by those same fans. What needs to be understood by both sets of supporters is that we are all passionate about our football and sometimes that can manifest in different ways when we defend our respective clubs in this whole situation. There is no point whatsoever in fans slating one another from opposite sides, though, because we are all from the same breed, hence why timeless bucket collections and ‘fan days’ are often attended by supporters from all over the country.

Whatever is going on there’s no value at all in creating some sort of war of words between the fans of these great and historic football clubs. We, as Northampton Town enthusiasts, have to put ourselves in Coventry’s shoes, Coventry fans need to use up their energies in focusing on who the real enemies are and whatever the outcome from this summer of uncertainty we can all say that we did everything we could to keep two clubs playing exactly where they should be playing.

3 thoughts on “Fans the innocent party in Coventry saga

  1. The anger of Coventry fans is not being directed at the Cobblers fans it is however in part being aimed at your chairman. He knew exactly what impact his decision would have on the Coventry fans, never gave it a seconds thought and sold your clubs soul to SISU for thirty pieces of silver.
    I really like your article but would throw this question back at you….imagine the Luton scenario, imagine how you would feel about the Luton Chairman who made that deal happen, imagine now pleading with the Football league, administrator, government and getting no help?
    CCFC fans are hugely appreciative of those in the football family that have stood shoulder to shoulder with us…Walsall, Birmingham City, Bristol City, Supporters Direct to name but a few.
    And that leaves one final question! can you as NTFC fans look in your hearts and say your chairman has done the same for your club or has he helped in Coventry’s demise by supporting the stance of a Cayman based hedge fund who chose to with hold rent while tied in to a long term deal noy because they couldn’t afford it but purely because they didn’t like the deal THEY signed up to.
    Here’s hoping you have a great season and Ady keeps the ball below head height for at least part of the game!

  2. I agree with Matt. As a ccfc fan who has lived in npton for 15 years I see cobblers as my second team but I’m devastated by the actions of Cardozo. He is complicit in ripping Coventry from its home and fans, all for his 30 pieces of silver. A real football fan would never do this to a fellow teams fans and for this I question his morals.
    I have not however heard any city fans blame the cobblers fans or misdirect their anger towards them. I am a little disapointed that all the Northamptonions I have spoken to about it have no knowledge of our situation and believe we should be grateful for Cardozo’s help. However as nearly all of these people(and nearly everyone i know from npton) support arsenal, Liverpool, spurs and utd and not their home town, I don’t see them as real football fans.
    Both sets of fans should work together to show their respective chairman they won’t stand for this. Play up sky blues! Come in you teyn!

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